Make your Sunday Funday complete by visiting our Artisan Market where you'll be able to sample and purchase brunch related items from various vendors - this includes mixes, garnishes and other brunch elements.  This Market is perfect for all you foodies and brunch enthusiasts! 


Chicago Maple

100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup, Barrel-Aged Maple Syrups, Infused Maple Syrups and Granulated Maple Sugar.

Mary's Mixers

Their Mixers are crafted in small batches in Oregon, using meticulously selected, fresh and Organic ingredients

Walker's Southern

Bloody Mary Mix

All natural, vegetarian blend is made with tomatoes first, fresh squeezed juices, and only the highest quality spices and

The mission at AirBar26 is to feed the crave of a better Bloody Mary on-the-go

Competition Kitchen

A cooking party game where each player gets to play pretend chef and create their own dish to try and win over the judge!

Miss Marys

Miss Mary’s is based out of Port Washington, IW and specializes in high quality, unique mixers that stand out from the rest.

Gindo’s Spice of Life

Fresh pepper hot sauces designed to inspire creativity in the kitchen and support local farmers. 

Green Eyed Lady

Is a family farm founded in 2015 by Laura Petitgoue and Emily Bult, the pair started farming as a way to share their knowledge and love of lavender with others.

Cadence Cold Brew

Cold brewed from some of the world’s finest beans and infused with nitro for a smooth finish. 

Pope's Kitchen

Believes they have created the tastiest bloody mary mix available with an emphasis on the clean, simple flavors. 

Works with bars, hotels and
restaurants around the country to save their empty liquor and beer bottles and then
then cut/ sanded them into glasses.

Seaside Grown

Fresh and hardy blend of family-grown tomatoes infused with a hand-picked assortment of traditional Lowcountry spices that compel the senses.

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